This weekend

I’ve spent this weekend making a muslin/toile whatever you want to call it, for my Francoise dress. I’ve prewashed my fabric as well so I can hopefully crack on with it this week!

I made a size 4  and the skirt part fits fine. I’m not sure if I need a bigger size for the top part or just need to adjust the fit slightly? Or whether its the fabric? I need the mother to help me. I haven’t sewn a zip into my muslin which makes fitting it by myself tricky!

I quite enjoyed sewing it up and have noticed that my sewing is improving. I was so pleased that the stay stitching from the neckline and the sleeve pieces lined up when I attached them! First time that’s ever happened! And I’m starting to get much better (neater) at curved seams! Yay me!

From what I’ve done so far, Francoise is a nice pattern to sew for a beginner. The darts weren’t too scary, as long as you mark them accurately. I’m going to draw the line I need to sew along onto my dress for extra accuracy! I’ve inserted a zip before so this should hopefully go ok. The only new thing will be adding a collar. I didn’t do this on the muslin one.

francoise toileReally looking forward to making this once I’ve sorted the fit out.

Also, my fabric for my Charlotte skirt has arrived. It’s a bit different to what I was expecting but I’m still excited to make the skirt. I was reading Vogue this weekend, looking at S/S 15 trends, picking out what I want to make and my Charlotte skirt should definitely fit!

What have you been making?

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