What’s currently on my sewing table

As I said in my last post, I’m now up to date with blogging everything I’ve made. All future posts will be about projects as I make and complete them so my posts will be a little more infrequent. Especially now I’m back at work. I hope you’ll all bear with me! Booooo to January!

However, I’ve just currently started cutting out the pattern for my next project šŸ™‚ I’ve decided to take a break from Love at Stitch to make Tilly’s Francoise dress. I’m being super sensible and making a muslin first to check the size. I’m trying a size 4 and hoping it fits because I don’t really know how adjust the size. Any help gratefully received!


I’ve bought my fabric already. I love the spotty dress on the cover so much that I’m making a replica. I’ve got this fabric from Guthrie & Ghani to use. Can’t wait to get stuck in! My love affair with polka dots continues!

On a separate note, I plan on making By Hand London’s Charlotte skirt after I’ve made Francoise and have ordered the fabric. It was a bargain so hopefully I’ll love it when it arrives. Annnddd SHOCK HORROR! It isn’t polka dot! I’ll share more about it later.

Don’t just wish you didn’t have to go to work and sew all day!?

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