Hello Delphine

This was my first make of 2015 so I’m now finally up to date on the blog with what I’ve sewn. I actually spent some of New Years Eve night making this then finished it New Years Day!

I have made my first item of clothing that will be seen in public. I have made a skirt! The Delphine skirt is the third project in Tilly’s Love at First Stitch book. I wasn’t planning on making all the clothes in the book in order but it appears that’s what’s happening.

The material I used was a black and white polka dot stretch cotton from The Fabric Godmother. I’m now starting to realise I must have a thing for poka dots. Originally, I was planning on making a Francoise dress with it but the more I looked at it, the less I fancied a dress made out of the fabric. It’s quite stiff and holds its shape well so I decided to make the skirt with it instead. I’m very glad I did! The skirt turned out fab!

Again, I was determined to take my time and not rush. I think I did ok… For me! There were a few minor mistakes but the skirt is wearable and from a distance you can’t tell!

After the size issue with the Margot PJ bottoms, I opted for a size 4. Once I’d cut the pieces out I had a minor panic that it would be too small but it fit me fine in the end.

delphine 1

Cutting out the pieces

The first step is easy once you’ve cut out the pieces and applied the interfacing, sewing the side seams. Simples! Also sewing the waistband pieces together is easy. The hard parts are inserting a zip and joining the skirt and waistband, particularly the centre back corners of the waistband.

I used a normal zip rather than a concealed zip because 1) I don’t have a concealed zip foot and didn’t want to wait! 2) the concealed zip I bought doesn’t look good quality. I fully intend to buy a concealed zip foot but the only one I’ve seen for my machine is a screw on one and that scares me!

Anyway, I figured out how to insert a normal zip by myself *proud* without having to ring the mother! *Super proud!*

delphine 3

Before being hemmed

The minor errors I have made are:

  • There are two small tucks in the skirt from joining to the waistband
  • There’s a tiny tuck in the waistband when I joined the interfaced and non interfaced pieces
  • The centre back corners of the waistband are rounded not pointed
  • My hem is a tiny bit uneven

However, I’m pretty damn proud! As I said, these are minor errors that you can only really see up close. I can’t wait to wear it in public. Hopefully people will compliment it and I can go thanks, I made it. Always wanted to do that!

delphine 2

The completed skirt

Also, I put a picture on Instagram and tagged Tilly in it and she commented with a swoon face (as I call it!). Made my day!

Can’t wait to start my next project! Tilly’s Francoise dress or By Hand London’s Charlotte Skirt??

5 thoughts on “Hello Delphine

  1. springystitches says:

    Your Delphine looks great! I’ve used this pattern several times now and it has become a staple in my wardrobe as it is so quick and easy to sew. Mind you, I haven’t got a polka dot one so I’ll have to rectify this very soon!! 🙂 I always find that you tend to learn so much from sewing your first garment, the second time you make it you seem to iron out all the little faults and it goes much more smoothly! Now, off to buy polka dot fabric! 😉


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