Margot PJ bottoms

I was so pleased with the success of my apron that I decide to progress onto a 3D actual piece of clothing that I would wear! A lot! Pyjama bottoms! I love a snuggly pair of PJs and spent far too much time in them, especially in the winter!

I’m also slowly working my way through Tilly’s Love at First Stitch book and Margot PJs are the second project. Read about my Brigitte scarf here. Before I started, I had a quick scout around the t’interweb to find and hints and tips and I found Lladybird’s hack to have a half elasticated waist. The book just uses a drawstring waist but I share Lladybirds preference for elasticated PJs so I followed her advice.

After much deliberation, I ordered a checked brush cotton from Oh Sew Crafty. I decided I wanted brush cotton to be snuggly for the winter and I suddenly had a desire for tartan!


My tartan brushed cotton

The town that I live in doesn’t have the greatest selection of haberdashery stuff so I’m having to order a lot of fabric off the internet. The only fabric I can easily purchase is normal cotton. I was pleased though when I went to John Lewis a few weeks later and saw the same fabric for nearly double the price!

I took my measurements. My hips were a size 4 and my waist was almost a size 5. To err on the side of caution, I went with the bigger size. Looking back now, I probably only need a size 4,  especially as I used elastic round part of the waist.

The PJs were fairly simple to make. I panicked slightly that the back piece was wider than the front piece so I traced them out again to check! I’d measured and cut them correctly and it now makes sense that the back would be slightly wider seeing as you sit down in clothes!

The trickiest part was the waistband area. My elastic and ribbon were a bit wider than Tilly’s so I needed to make sure the openings were a bit wider. I also had a moment of panic that the waistband wouldn’t being be wide enough because my elastic was wider. It was fine. Panic over!

margot pjs

Finished PJs

I also did a bit of guesswork on how much elastic and how much ribbon to use. With hindsight I needed less elastic to make the waist  more elasticated. They stay up but are a bit big! Also the ribbon I used was a bit delicate. The first time I wore them, I pulled one of the pieces off even though I had sewed over the join of the ribbon and elastic about 5 times!

I plan on making a few pairs. I want to make another brushed cotton pair and I want a cotton lawn pair for the summer. I might even make a shorter version as well. Next time I will make a size 4 and may even use a completely elasticated waist.

margot pjs 2

My PJs being worn

Yay for snuggly PJs!

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