Another practical make

I’m getting slightly more confident and trying to make things that I actually want/need and will use. So my next project was….. an apron!

I enjoy baking and cooking (when I have time!) and didn’t own an apron so I thought I’ll make one. I used the cooks apron pattern from The Great British Sewing Bee series 1 book. This was the first time I’d downloaded a PDF and had to stick it all together. Man alive it’s a pain! But I’m impatient so it meant I could have the pattern NOW!

apron 1

Putting the pattern together

Once I’d stuck the pieces together it was time to start sewing! I’d chosen a blue and white polka dot cotton/linen mix (I’m not sure whether it was cotton or linen, the lady in the shop where I bought the fabric read the instructions for me and pointed me to a selection of fabrics!), a plain cream linen and a cream polyester for the lining.

apron 2


With this apron, I was determined not to rush it. I wanted to really take care with my sewing, read the instructions at least 4 times and correct any mistakes I made!

The first task was making the neck and waist ties. OMG! I hated this part with a passion! They were each like 80cm long and having to turn them through almost made me lose the will to live. It took me a few days to do this step as they were quite narrow and loooong! I had to leave them and come back several times. I used a pencil (eyeliner actually) to help push them through but if anyone knows a quicker way to turn things through PLEASE share! Surely it’s not meant to be that difficult. All I kept thinking was ‘If I was actually on GBSB with a time limit, I’d only have a half made waist tie to show. That wouldn’t go down well with the lovely Patrick!’

Once I’d ¬†finally made the waist and neck ties, the next part was to create and line to bib of the apron. This part wasn’t too bad and I was pleased with how it looked.

apron 4

The bib

Now it began to get tricky. I had to use a few new skills such as applying bias binding, gathering and using slip stitch.I used The Little Tailoress’s tutorial for applying bias binding which I found really helpful and clear to use. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any navy thread for the bias binding so used the light blue which shows up. This would be fine if my stitching was perfect, but never mind!

apron 5

Please don’t look too closely at the stitching!

It also took me several attempts to gather the bottom frill evenly. I think I had a bit less material than the instructions suggested so I spent ages working out how many centimetres each pleat should be! On my 5th attempt, the final one ended up being double the size of the others but I didn’t care by this point!

The hardest part for me was attaching the bib to the skirt as the skirt was gathered (that was fun trying to get the gathers even!) and the lining had to be slipstitched by hand over the waistband. I had to admit defeat and ask the mother for help! She very kindly showed me what to do and started my handsewing off! Love her!

apron 6

The finished apron

Anyway, I was really happy with the end result! It looks good, stays together, is wearable and it gave me the opportunity to try lots of new skills!

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