My sewing ‘to do’ list 2015

I love a new year as it feels like a fresh start and a chance to improve myself in various ways. I have lots of new years resolutions, such as lose weight, drink less… that will no doubt be broken by the end of the week! With my lack of success with resolutions in mind, I’m calling this my ‘to do’ list instead! As I’m very new to sewing, there’s lots of patterns I want to make and skills to learn!

I’ve split my list into two sections: patterns and skills. It’ll be interesting to review this at the end of the year!

Patterns to make:

There’s loads more patterns that I want to make but I think this is enough for now!

Skills to master

  • I want to generally become more accurate with sewing, measuring, cutting and finishing garments. I think this will come with practise and as I build up my skills and equipment.
  • Insert an invisible zip
  • Sew on buttons and make buttonholes
  • Draft my own patterns – or at least standard pattern blocks for my shape
  • Develop my knowledge of fabrics and what works well for different patterns and garments
  • Applying pockets
  • Setting in a sleeve
  • Creating a flat neckline
  • Pattern matching
  • Fitting clothes correctly
  • Making my own bias binding
  • Making underwear
  • Applying piping

Am I being too ambitious? Probably, but ambition is good!

If anyone has any advice or can point in the direction of helpful tutorials, you will be one of my favourite people!

What’s on your to-sew list?

2 thoughts on “My sewing ‘to do’ list 2015

  1. sewandsee says:

    Your skills to learn list looks achievable to me 🙂 I find the best place to learn how to draft a pattern for your own fit was by watching asian kameez tutorials there methosld works for me every time and I find it less complicated then many tutorials i.have read


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