Brigitte Neck scarf

My next quest into dressmaking has been an actual wearable accessory. Very exciting!

One of my favourite sewing blogs is Tilly and the Buttons. I love love love her! As she was one of the contestants on last years Great British Sewing Bee, she was part of my inspiration to take up sewing.

Earlier this year, I purchased her book Love at First Stitch. I love it! There’s two things that make this book a particularly good sewing book and different to many others on the market:

1) The projects are progressive so you can work through the book. Each project includes new skills but doesn’t overwhelm a new stitcher.

2) Details about how to do new skills (eg gathering, inserting a zip etc) are included when you need them so you don’t have to flip back to the front of the book. Genius!

Anyway, the first project is the Brigitte headscarf. I didn’t have any material long enough to make a headscarf so I made a neck scarf/tie instead. As I reading I thought ‘this sounds simple’ so I used some purple polka dot cotton left over from my cushion cover to whip one up!

It was really easy after making the cushion covers as it was basically a larger version of the ties on the cushions. I felt so proud of how straight I sewed the seams! Haha!


Sewing my scarf/tie


Not the best picture of me, wearing it!

First wearable item completed! Yay!

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