I was so pleased, I made another!

After the success of my first cushion cover, I decided to see if it was a fluke! This time I wanted to make a cushion cover that I may actually use so I opted for a purple colour theme to match my living room!


Fabric shopping

I bought a purple polka dot cotton and a plain contrast purple. (The other fabric was for a top that ended up being a disaster!

I got to work (minus appropriate measuring equipment *doh*) and found that, amazingly, my first successful sew wasn’t just a fluke! I really was able to sew cushion covers successfully! Yay me!!


The second completed cushion cover


Both together – so proud!

I’m so pleased I managed to sew two things that actually resemble what they’re supposed to be! Sure they’re not perfect, but I think they’re pretty good for a complete novice! Woo hoo!

Now then, what do I sew next??

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